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How to change Yahoo password on iPhone

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Yahoo! Mail the email address which has more than millions of users across the world and people love it. Best features, user’s friendly interface, hi-tech security, and much more things are the attraction of Yahoo mail. Some iPhone users access their Yahoo mail via mail app and when they will have to reset Yahoo password, need assistance. If you are one of them who is willing to change the Yahoo mail password on their iPhone device then you can go through the given steps one by one.

Reasons to change the Yahoo mail password:-

There are some reasons so that Yahoo mail users opt for password reset, let’s see what those reasons are.

  • When users get their account is hacked.
  • To avoid any kind of suspicious activity.
  • Keep their email account secure against hackers.
  • When the user received the bulk of spam emails.

Method to change Yahoo password on iPhone:-

  • 1. Swipe the screen of your iPhone.
  • 2. Click on the Yahoo mail app.
  • 3. Then click on the Yahoo mail settings.
  • 4. Under the settings, you will get an option “reset the password.”
  • 5. Click on that link to open it.
  • 6. Now enter your current Yahoo mail password.
  • 7. After that create a new strong password for your Yahoo mail.
  • 8. Now you should re-enter the new password for confirmation.
  • 9. Then click on “OK” and save the changes.

Note: - Whenever you change the password at the time of creating a new password you shouldn’t use your phone number, name or any info as a password. Make sure the password you have created is new and strong.

Finally, you have done, so you can say congratulations to yourself! In another hand, there are still some changes that the procedure you applied in order to forgot Yahoo password won’t work if you don’t know the current password or forgot it. So, do you think what you will have to do when you have no idea about the current password and change the password? It is very simple that you should opt to recover forgot password.


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