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How To Reset Yahoo Password

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Yahoo is a web service provider and under it, there is yahoo mail which is an email service provider. It provides three different types of email plan out of which three is for personal use and one is for business. Yahoo mail provides many other features other than mail like yahoo groups, yahoo search engine, yahoo messenger etc. yahoo email is a simple and easy to use application of yahoo. It separates and distinguishes each type of mail folder for e.g. Inbox, sent, spam etc. unwanted emails in the trash or spam folder gets deleted after 90 days in order to save memory. Yahoo comes with its set of issues. Along the way, people have faced many setbacks or problems regarding yahoo email. Problems which aren’t severe, but problems which are small but hectic, one such is the resetting of the password. So if you are one of those people looking for answers on how to reset yahoo password then pay attention to the following steps:

  • Open the sign in helper.
  • Entered the required email or phone number and click continue.
  • If asked, enter the CAPTCHA code.
  • If you receive a message in the number that you have mentioned in the above field, click yes on the desktop screen and click on the ‘end me the account key’ button.
  • Yahoo will send you the account key depending on what you have selected (email or phone number).
  • Enter the account key, click verify. And select an account to verify it from.
  • Click continue.

IGiven above are the few tips or steps you could try while trying to reset your Yahoo password. And do follow them respectively or you will end up getting confused and might get redirected back to the start. However, if these steps don’t work for you or if you face more issues then you can contact the yahoo technical team through their toll-free line so that they can help you recover yahoo password. For more queries about yahoo or yahoo mail, you may contact their customer service which can be easily accessed as it is available 24/7.


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