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Reset ATT email password without alternate email

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A lot of users face the problem of creating and remembering passwords almost every day. And though it is a simple process of just choosing some words and numbers we make a fuss out of it. But the biggest fuss we make is changing or resetting our passwords. There are many ways through which you could reset your password (via text, email, security questions etc.). So if you are looking to change or AT&T Password reset without the use of an alternate email, you are at the right place. Given below are some steps through which you can achieve the needful.

Steps to reset AT&T email passwords without alternate email:

There are many ways to reset a password. The steps below are how to do it using security questions. It is to be noted here that you must follow the steps in the same order and not skip any single one.

  • Step 1: Click the Forgot password page.
  • Step 2: Select Password.
  • Step 3: Enter your AT&T email address and your last name.
  • Step 4: Select continue
  • Step 5: On the screen, you will see ‘I will answer my security question’ option. Click it and answer.
  • Step 6: Now just fill in the required field to create your new password.

Note: It is advised to create a strong as well as a unique password with the smart combination of alphabets and numbers which cannot be easily guessed by the people who can misuse it. But it must be kept in mind that special characters should not be used in the creating a new password.

This is one of the ways through which you can reset your password without the need of an alternate email address. The steps are simple so you won’t find that much of a problem in fixing it by yourself. You can opt for any of the ways including security questions, mobile phone number to reset AT&T password apart from alternate email. This email is the best and fast service that a user can experience even the best part is that it concentrates on the ease of users that they do not come across any kind of glitch in accessing the chosen email.


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